"how much did they first pay you to give up on your dreams?"

is the most blood chilling quote I've came across in my life. how do you guys feel about this?

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    Not affected by it at all. Money is my sole motivation to do a fuckload of things.

    If I want to work on machine learning(my dream), but somehow they pay me waaaay more to do web development I would do web development and cry next to my 72 inch tv in my dream house.

    "I am doing what I love....but sadly I am broke" does not exist.
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    Don't have to give up on your dream if you don't have one!
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    @AleCx04 This.

    I don't love anything enough to have a job that leaves me living pay check to pay check and barely making ends meet, when options to live comfortably or even lavishly exist.

    Fuck that shit.
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    Dreams + $0 = Dreams

    Dreams + $$$$ = Realizable Dreams
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    I'm still on my dreams so getting payed shit 🤷‍♀️
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    Dreams are a waste of time and effort.
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    I am working towards my dream. Does that count?
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    @Stuxnet exactly. I live by this shit and thus far it has worked pretty well in my favor.
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    Actually considering going freelance to help pay for working on my dream (which happens to be charity work - so no real $ there). At least if I can earn good money and set my own hours I might have some spare time to pursue it.
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    My dream has been to make some dev shit and be paid enough not to worry about money, and I got what I wanted.
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    I refuse to compromise my dreams or morals for a pay check. I currently live pay check to pay check but I work on things I enjoy 95% of the time. The other 5% is telling management I simply won't build what they ask for because I won't work for a company that follows those practices. It can be tiresome, but helping keep them honest and transparent is much more important than making a boat load of cash.

    Just think for a moment, if you built something like "The machine" from Person of Interest, could you truly live happily with your loads of cash while such a powerful technology was abused for a singular person's or group's ends?

    If I can see how what I'm being asked for will be abused, I'm not going to build it. I won't be responsible for such evil.
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    haven't given up on my dreams yet.

    one of the reasons why i got fired from like 12 jobs in the last 4 years regardless of how much they paid XD
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    Enjoying what you do is far more important than making lots of money to me. People might and will say that I'm wrong, but happiness is forever and money is temporary
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    @Midnigh-shcode looks like you are well underways to make your CV say "unemployable".
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    @Fast-Nop At least he follows his dreams. And that is what matters
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    @DefiniteGoose depends on whether being unemployed and homeless is part of the long term dream or not.
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    @Fast-Nop Another way to look at it: would you rather live in a world where EVERYONE lived by that ethos, and no one said 'fuck my career im living my dreams'?

    Personally I agree that is a stupid way of doing things. I try to follow the middle road: make sure that I am marketable and that I have enough time and money to do my own shit as well.

    But the world would be pretty fucking boring if my way was the only way. @Midnigh-shcode You do fucking You. I hope your dreams are good ones and not, like, Hitlery haha...
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    @catadoxa I'm perfectly fine when other people decide to kick themselves out. Less supply means higher prices for those who stay in, after all.

    Of course, going self-employed is also an option. People like Zuckerberg even became rich that way. It's just that diffusing through 12 different companies and lasting 4 months on average doesn't spell entrepreneurial spirit, but trouble-maker. You know, the only common factor with 12 different companies was him.
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    There's a big difference between just dreaming, and working toward a goal. Without a goal and effort to achieve it, the dream has no value.
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    @Fast-Nop yeah, it took me some time to realize i don't want to be "employed" and i started actually freelancing
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    Why not both?

    Jobs are there only to fund your efforts. Use the capital to acquire riches through your own efforts.

    You can never become rich working for someone else. You must do that on your own.
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