Working on adjusting a shell script to my needs.

The fucker quits execution after an apt update command is ran.

No reason, it just fucking quits. No error messages or whatever, nothing.

This script can go suck a cock.

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    Gibe de sauce plz so that I can take a look at it :)
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    Run "echo $?" to see what the return code is and check for the -e switch on the first line
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    @Condor I'll see if I can post it online :)

    @PerfectAsshole Will do, thanks!
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    @Condor Would emailing it be an option? 😬 (haven't migrated away from gitlab yet and haven't setup my own environment either yet 😥
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    @linuxxx Sure, hmu at hallo bij nixmagic punt com :)
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    Segfaults have a tendency to terminate script execution w/o any clear reason or message. Can't recall if it affects parent shell though.. Dmesg? Or simply set -x inside the script and see last lines of output - right before the exit
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    Check your repos. I get that problem because apt update returns 100 due to a sketchy fix I had to do a while ago.
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    @Condor Oh wow I'm retarded, you can remove it!
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    The algo showed me this rant 3 times. And every single one I read that your script should suck a cook. My subconscious might be trying to say that it is dinner time?
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