I am mad at myself. Angry at myself. Frustrated at myself.

For clinging onto this nothingness.
Being a coward to let things go.
Unable to give up.

It's all so tiring.
So so tiring.

For a nobody, there is nothing wrong with leaving this world as I came.

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    Don't do anything stupid. Life gets better
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    Being a coward to let things go???

    Hey hey hey... Wait... Letting go is not a sign of coward but a strong person.

    Very few can do that. I am struggling to do it.

    Yes, it's tiring at times. Yes, life is difficult.

    Yes, you feel like shit. You have all the right to feel such way.

    But it gets better. You become stronger.

    This too will pass. Just stay strong and hang in there.

    I promise.
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    Everithing in this world is oh so fragile and constantly changing. Wishing for something to stay the same is not cowardly nor stupid, is just our inner yearning for stability!

    ...But everything changes, we can't do shit about that.

    The good part about it? This oppressing feeling you're experiencing is no exception. You just have to believe that.
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    @bkwilliams who is he? Or are you telling me to climb a mountain 🤔

    @ausername @soulsuke @hashit thank guys.

    @Floydian when it's almost a decade, sometimes it gets a bit harder to have faith that good parts are coming.

    @NoMad yes mam :3

    @XiovV virtual-hug 🤗
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    @cursee we all go through shit. We all.
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    Look mate, I'm not for forced fake positivity.. So I'll give it to you straight: Life was, is, and will always be a complete shit of a train wreck. People aren't worth the trouble. Focus oh yourself and your goals and fuck everything else because nothing and no one is worth a shit.

    Just focus on yourself.
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    @MrCSharp so true, so true.
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    Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog
    By Caspar David Friedrich

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