Keybinds you need (Windows):

Copy: Ctrl + c

Cut: Ctrl + x

Paste: Ctrl + v

Jump from word to word: Strg + Left arrow or right arrow

Mark text: Shift + Right arrow or Left arrow

Mark text (jump from word to word): Ctrl + Shift + Left arrow or right arrow

Quickly open task manager: Ctrl + Shift + Esc

Windows button alternative(e.g. for gaming sessions when you've disabled the windows button): Ctrl + Esc

*legend* Multitasking legend for switching quickly between programs (keep Alt key pressed to select the program you want to open by pressint Tab) Alt + Tab

Multitasking legend with a nice animation (not there for quick workflow but to manage programs, files, multidesktop): Windows + Tab

For people who have multiple desktops - If you don't have, go add two more:

Switch to next desktop: Ctrl + Windows + Right arrow

Switch to previous desktop: Ctrl + Windows + Left arrow

Navigate in taskbar: Windows + t

Quickly look computer: Windows + L

Some boot options (personal tip: navigate with arrow keys for faster workflow): Windows + X

Quickly toggle desktop: Windows + D

Screenshot of current program: Ctrl + Alt + Print

Screenshot of the whole screen and your external ones (will be saved in C:/Users/user/Pictures/Screenshots): Windows + Print

Open run.exe (can be used to open .exe files, e.g. to execute cmd, regedit quickly)

Close browser tab: Ctrl + w

Open browser tab: Ctrl + t

Search: Ctrl + f

// just single keys that are useful

Reload page: f5

Url bar: f6

reopen closed tabs (not sure about compatibility but is definitely working in chrome and firefox): Ctrl + Shift + t

Fullscreen mode (not a keybind too): F11

Alt + F4 to win the game

The boss of all key(bind)s (also not a keybind): Tab

If you got more tho write it down in the comments section. I really tried my best :'D

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    You are my personal hero.
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    Windows + e

    You're welcome
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    @Big-R ahhh yess
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    Just to name a few

    Create virtual desktop

    Move between virtual desktops

    More sophisticated version of alt+tab, when you use virtual desktops

    Open the nth program in your Taskbar


    Lock screen


    Switch keyboard layout

    Go to desktop. (Toggle)

    Maximize/minimize/move window

    Troll friends
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    Rename (e.g. file)
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    Alt+F4 is :q!
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    System properties: Win+Break
    New explorer window from desktop/folder: Ctrl+N
    New folder: Ctrl+Shift+N
    Rename icon: F2
    Properties of icon: Alt+Enter
    Permanently delete icon: Shift+Del
    Move caret over icons: Ctrl+Arrows
    Select icon: Space
    Add icon with caret to selection: Ctrl+Space
    Block-select icons: Shift+Arrows
    Context menu alternative: Shift+F10
    Focus previous window: Alt+Esc
    Open a window's system menu: Alt+Space
    Maximize window: Win+Up / Alt+Space.X
    Minimize window: Win+Down / Alt+Space,N
    Tile window left/right: Win+Left/Right
    Move window via mouse: Alt+Space, M, [Arrow(s)], [move mouse]
    Quickly use taskbar shortcuts: Win+[number]
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    Re-opens last closed tab in most modern browsers (unless you are in incognito)
    Thank me later
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    @git-fuckyou still works in Firefox's private browsing until you close the window
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    @git-fuckyou it actually is in the list
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    missing some of the best

    ctrl+shift+tab = switch tabs on most programs (vscode, chrome browser, etc.)

    ctrl+w - close tab

    ctrl+k, ctrl+c quickly - comment block of code

    ctrl+k, ctrl+u quickly - uncomment block of code

    windows+L - lock your desktop

    mouse3 on link - open link in new tab

    ctrl+S - save

    ctrl+shift+S - save all

    ctrl+del - delete one word
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    @CodeAlex sorry, I must be blind🤦
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    @git-fuckyou just get a bit more sleep :P
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    @CodeAlex what the fuck is sleep?
    Can you send me a link of this new framework?
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    Windows + F: Find files in your computer
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    You guys are forgetting the most useful of them all:
    Ctrl + Alt + Arrow keys
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