*Me using visual studio debugger for the first time*

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    @devtea so the legend is true XD, thanks :D
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    Visualstudio legend?
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    @devTea legend says post a good rant and devtea will ++
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    @FrodoSwaggins ?
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    @MEGADROID Debuggers are nice, but still a crutch. Once you become one with the code, you can just look, and you will see the bug. See the system from the code's point of view.

    I once had a nice pair programming with a junior dev, but he was familiar with the project and I was not. Since I value domain knowledge over coding, I gave him the lead. At one point, he suggested a fix, and I immediately told him this wouldn't work. He asked back why - and I didn't have an answer, I just said the suggested code didn't feel right. After a solid hour of analysis, I was able to prove my point.
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    @MEGADROID gdb is the GNU debugger, usable even from commandline. You can catch signals (most importantly: SIGSEGV), set a read or write watch on variables, debug the call stack, use it as disassembler and tons of other stuff.
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    @Fast-Nop thanks for the info :)
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    Yup, that's how it feels
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    I literally said out loud: "i've never felt power like this before"
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    Pro Tip:

    You can drag the yellow arrow down if you want to skip down to a later point instead of stepping over methods till you get there.

    I have been using Visual Studio for 7 years and I learned that a month ago.
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    @aquacash5 same here lol.. Also. The call stack window is a life saver
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    @aquacash5 that feature has been introduced with vs 2017, so it isn't that old. You can drag the arrow to previous statements as well. A really nice tool together with the editable code on runtime
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