My mom asked me to speed up her PC's startup process. I looked into it and and probably found the problem: G Data.

I told her she has to delete it, there is windows defender anyways (and virus scanners are just snake oil). She refused and said: But I bought it from the local IT shop. They said it is the best.

I said: Yeah because they cannot sell windows defender...

She still argued that she paid for it and wants to keep it.

That was were I said: then enjoy your slow startups.

She also said she feels more secure with it. 🙄

I would not even be able to work with that PC! Its not old at all, but the permanent scanning comes at a high cost and probably does not help much.

But she trusts that local it store guy more than me apparently.

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    Yeah man antivirus softwares are biggest scams of modern days.
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    I wonder if this direction is fairly new. Although I haven't used an antivirus in years, back in the days when I was starting to use a PC, it was very important to setup an antivirus, or that's how I felt about it anyway. @makarand
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    Configure it, then. Disable no crucial options. Or disable it entirely, seems unlikely she'll notice.
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    @nnee Yeah I told her to disable it and look whether the boot process is faster. She is capable to do that by herself.
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    Brain.Exe is still best Antivirus
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    As soon as I find out that windows defender is all you need, I told my mom and she called Norton antivirus to bitch them out.

    She got a refund for this year and last year's payment.

    It took a lot of argument. She didn't believe me, she believed the Google results I showed her confirming this. But once she finally understood... Holy shit was she mad. Lol
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