I just spent 3hours trying to make the simplest, barely 10lines python script work with no success.
I'm writing this rant from my bed where I gave up.
I love programming but moments like this I fear I'm not cut out for it and It hurts, the little self esteem I have left is on fire.

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    keep at it, we've all been there.
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    what do you want to do? I might do it for you...
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    Try a new approach, don't ask for the answer, but ask someone to point you in the right direction for you to find the answer.

    The amount I've learnt from reading help for similar problems while searching for my solutions have been so useful.
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    Haha! that is the quintessential programmer right there my friend. Sometimes it's the stupidest things that escape us. We all get stuck all the time in the privy of our homes or while live coding in conferences in front of everyone Rock star programmers or not!
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    Even though you didn't succeed yet, you probably learned some new stuff and practiced a lot while tried to find the solution and that's what really matters on the long term.
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    The next morning you'll find the silliest little mistake and it'll be fine.
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    All I'll say is if it's python, check to make sure the code blocks are indented consistently with either tabs or spaces if you mix tabs and spaces in the code the interpreter will keep fucking you over
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    Wow thank you guys I wasn't expecting so much support :')
    I'll make this fucking thing work trust me
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    list comprehension is your friend in python.
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    I have not failed, I have just found 10,000 ways that won't work, which means I am 10,000 steps closer to figuring out the one that does - Thomas Edison.
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