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Dudes and dudettes, i shall ask you all one question: what is the thing/hobby (or things/hobbies) that you always wanted to get into and never gor the chance?

For me i thing first would be brewing, as i would love to refer to myself as a "Brewmaster" like in Warcraft (bonus points if i wear a panda costume) more then an "Engineer" (a trust worthy one even), but i think i might have the chance to as soon as i will have the chance (and means) to move alone as i already know a few things from my dad. The second would be something really cool i saw on reddut and made me remember the old times when i will watch timelapses in this topic on you tube: Crystal growing! Like, middle school chemistry, not meth! At least for now.. 🤔 Anyway, here is a nice pic with some dude's work, looking forward to hear abiut yours!!

PS: Bonus Points for a pic related to the thingie!

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    Crystals are beautiful 😍
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    Mechanical keyboards. I still haven't got my first one, but I feel that when I do, I'll want three others too.
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    @ceee aren't they?

    @kamen folow your dreams 🎵

    @Alice may we see some of your proudest works? i myself am interested in drawing but only doodling and just recently got into digital art (still as an amateur)
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    @Alice i just remembered i saw you watermelonish icecream thingie and loved it! nice job 😉
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    I wish I continued playing the piano, I played for 5 years as a kid...was 5 years away from being Beethoven in this bitch smh


    I ALWAYS wanted to do an amateur tournament for boxing, because for someone who only did it for 1 month I was allowed to get in the ring. Y'all woulda probably seen a brotha on ESPN fuckin people up
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    Photography (I have an old non-digital SLR camera from the 90s), Gaming (not that much anymore), searching for special kind of stones and gems, watching the Stars, going out for some adventure, loved to create music, draw some stuff and create (batch) malware LOL in my puberty times, Hmm... What else?
    Websites... I have been creating websites since I was like 8. It is still a hobby to me.
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    Designing, especially graphic. I know that I need to get a decent laptop for that though and my Raspberry pi won’t cut it
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    @Holyfield3000 don't be so hard on yourself, it is never too late to start again! *eye of the tiger in the background*

    @CoffeeNcode education is important, but so are your hobbies, so you could still try to sneak some nici pics of some impressive locations/things/peoples even if you use a phone camera

    @-ANGRY-CLIENT- so you are a napoleon! impressive fact the one with websites, also, i would ask you to listen to that music of yours but i am a little scared after.the malware fact 😅😅

    @Loading a long time ago i saw a post about an old man witz alz who started doing art at 70-80 years in paint, pixel by pixel, so definitely you can do it with less! paper and pencils, maybe?
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