This one time I aliased a coworkers 'sudo' with 'sl' (sl shows a train running across the screen)

And then I removed him from the sudoers group and sudoers list.

I then magnified his screen 200%

Changed his background to a shitty narwhal.

And then full screened a terminal with the 'sl' train stuck in a while loop.

You can't control c out of the terminal.

He solved the first part really quickly, fixing the full screened terminal and exiting out of it, magnification and the background.

But took him 4 days to find that I had fucked up his sudo. Apparently, he didn't need to use sudo in those 4days. It wasn't until he mentioned it out of the blue.

How did he find out about it? He was running an important script that had sudo in it. When he ran the script a train would pop up and his script would terminate early.

He came to me and cursed me to Satan's anus. He then asked me to fix it, but then changed his mind and said that he'd do it himself. After a while he couldn't figure out what I had done.

I walked him through it. Told him that he had to go to his .bashrc file and remove the alias.

Later he comes back to me and curses me to the 12th circle of hell. He found that he was no longer a sudoer. At this point he gave me access to his computer and told me to reverse everything that I had done.
Added him back into the sudoers group and called it a day.

Lesson to be learned? Don't leave your machine unlocked.

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    So he could not do all his work for 4 days? Thats a bit much for a prank.
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    @MisterArie no he didn't use sudo for 4 days. I'm surprised actually that he didn't need sudo for that long.
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    If I was your boss, I'd got mad on you, not him.
    He made a mistake, of course, but he did it at work. Would have been different if he left a machine with secret content unlocked in the middle of an airport.

    But still, you managed to fuck up his system and made him lose time, and since time = money....

    Nice prank tho!
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    @taglia lol, the bosses were in on it too. One wrote in a terminal "I hope no one messes your computer up to badly"
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    @taglia wut there are bosses that get mad at pranks?

    Ive once put on https://fakeupdate.net on a colleagues pc. At a certain time I asked him how far the update was, he replied "108%" without noticing xD
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    Excellent prank! I tip my hat to you.

    It's all very well saying that you kept him away from work for 4 days until some malicious person walks into the office and finds an unlocked PC to bring chaos to the system.

    My db sits logged in to live with insert and update privileges there for the taking, so when I step away from it for more than 5 seconds I lock that shit up. I expect other devs to take the same responsibility.

    Shame on them if they think a little prank is worse than teaching someone a valuable lesson.
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    Great linux user btw. It is always a good practice to avoid sudo.. Just proves your prowess in the command line.
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    U should be fired. Hes hired to work not to waste days or weeks on your stupid pranks.
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    @zemaitis ... I would say quit your job if you cant do little pranks. Non stop working is less productive then some small pranks in between...

    Another prank (the oldest in the books) you could try: put a post-it under your colleagues mouse sensor. Let them figure that out xD
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    Hey. If you’re not in the sudoers group, how are you supposed to reverse that? Even if you know it but for any reason you don’t know the password of root?
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    @Codex404 now go back to first post and notice that the guy spend DAYS in fixing this prank, it was not a small prank. Lets keep facts straight
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    @zemaitis he could work without using sudo for 4 days, on the fourth he found out he didnt have rights.
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    @diegovincent We have another account that is technically available to use for all IT people. It is an admin account that he could have used to fix what I had done. In fact, it was with the same account that I had pranked him with.

    In a few words, it's a backdoor that anyone can use to access each other's accounts...

    Not very safe (I know), but leave it to management to accept it as the status quo.
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    @zemaitis I agree.. Pranks ruining work shouldnt be left alone.. If something terribly goes wrong, pranker will run away. Mental agony is too underrated..
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    @aEEEdev where did it ruin work though? He was working for multiple days until he encountered the issue. Really, little pranks like this increases productivity.
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    @Codex404 stop generalizing and pushing your opinion on others
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    @zemaitis Im just stating facts? I haven't given any opinion about it in my last comment.
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    @zemaitis And since you probably want some proof of my so called facts there have been many researches on the topic and one of them can be found here: https://cio.com/article/3019110/...
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    Pranking doesnt come under workplace distraction. It is 'work-distraction'. Workplace distraction should not mess up ones progress, even if it is a remote possibility.. I know a lot of circumstances ,where the lack of sudo power can fuck things up within minutes.. Forget 4 days..
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    I think you guys have too much spare time. Do you have any openings?
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