So started job hunting and stumbled upon this
1. Skill required in PHP, Laravel, CakePHP, Wordpress, Opencart.

2. Bootstrap, CSS3 and HTML5 experience preferred.

3. JQuery, Vue.js, Angular.js, JavaScript, AJAX, HTML experience highly preferred.

and will pay 8000Rs/Month (112.88 USD)

Do they even know what they want? and at what cost they want to hire?

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    Per month? I don’t even do that at a daily rate.
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    The rate most probably was per hour. You may want to doublecheck with them and post their reply here. ;)
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    @arazzz I did indeed, and it's per month
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    @nothappy @bigus-dickus

    That’s just slave labour gone wrong.
    Would be better to freelance, or start your own dev business than to work for that.
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    Can someone live on so little?
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    @C0D4 my boss asks that (~110$) as hourly rate at our clients :/
    He doesn't sign contract for less (if it is a big project, there isn't really a "hourly rate", but the project's budget is based on an hour estimation * that hourly rate)
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    @bigus-dickus you can manage family with 8k?
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    @bigus-dickus I hope those people are unskilled labor
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    That's the harsh reality when it comes to employing developer's in India. Unfortunately, the work environment is also not good as compared to other countries. I would rather stay unemployed than work for someone who offers such low pay scale.
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    Basically they put all other framework names for fun. I've been through some kind of same post. All he needed (that's what he said anyway) was someone to build small e commerce site and integrate a payment gateway.
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    @anki7 let's be the *Pakoda* vendor 😂😂
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    @shahidcodes I have got a better idea than that. Let's be "chai Walla". I bet he earns more than an average developer earns in a day.😂😂
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    @anki7 let's not make this a political post
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    @nothappy Well, I didn't intend to take a jibe at anyone through the comment. Although,it may raise some eyebrows but what I meant to say as a tea lover is that," a tea maker would surely be beneficial rather than being a developer at such a low pay grade."
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    @anki7 agreed. Engineers just love Tea.
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