We all have that one "friend" that has an idea for the "next great" Facebook or Snapchat, but different...


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    The problem- you the developer do all the hardwork while i just leech off you..

    I'm getting more and more closed to the idea of non tech partners, if it is largely a tech product.
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    Best of all, I want you to do the app/website for free! It's a million-dollar idea after all. Once I make my first million, I'll buy you a beer
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    I currently have two people that I've barely ever talked to basically trying to get me to build an online store for a clothing brand they're trying to start. I didn't ask to be involved, they just assumed that since I write code, I'm doing it.
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    @infernalempress I feel those the worst kind. You can't just god damn assume that I'll just do it. Ask me first, listen to any suggestions I may have (after all you did think that I'll be the one coding it as a whole).
    If you really are passionate about it and want me doing that work for you and helping you out, you have got to be open to the idea of a fair partnership.
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    @infernalempress They simply can't assume that since I can code, I'll help and for free to top it all! I mean wtf!?
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    next time somebody says i have an idea you can say this line:

    all idea are wonderfulls, the problem is the execution.
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