Why are all my classmates building their web applications in PHP for our thesis? I know it's used a lot but for smaller projects there's tons of better ways to build a web application. Besides myself and another guy in this class (I'm using Java and mongoDB, he's working in ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL), nobody else wants to use something different. We only did PHP in one class so this seriously can't be the only language 2/3rd's the class knows.

Oh God it probably is.

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    ++ for the image. Now I have to steal it and make a lot of memes to post here.
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    Servicestack + Razor masterrace
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    PHP is my favorite language, especially for simple small web apps.
    You can type stuff up quickly. It takes skill to make it secure though.
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    Cool, we even made a project in JavaFX and MongoDB with one Ionic app :D while others were using plain PHP.
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    As a .NET Dev, I'm telling you - PHP is way better for websites.

    I fucking hateeeeeee these ASP.NET Frankenstein's Monsters.

    C# - are you a fucking programming language or a web language? Make up your focken moindddd
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    Well congrats to your friend for folowing his fav launguage!

    (I would propably use .NET as well!)
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    @Gregozor2121 I just think it's more interesting when we have different kinds of students building the same projects in different languages and API. I went with Java because I have a background in working with strongly typed languages, C/C++ spoiled me a bit there.

    All I really hoped for was we'd have more variety over just 2 students working with a different framework. Not being a fanboy I just like some variety.
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    I did a coursework study on the methods for PHP reinforcements in open source applications. I worked in a group (5 students) at Kent State University - distance learning course for CS students. We analyzed An empirical study of PHP feature usage.


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