> Johnny Johnny
> Yes Papa!
> Using Java?
> No Papa!
> Telling lies?
> No Papa!
> Open your mouth
> NullPointerException
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    Fuck no.

    This meme is the definition of cancer.
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    @joeperri95 all I know is I follow a meme account on Instagram and it posted like 6 of these cancerous songs a few nights ago, and now it's fucking everywhere lol
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    @Stuxnet who follows memes on instagram.. That's like ruminating your meals.
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    @nitwhiz I do.

    Millions do, actually.

    Who cares what others do in their free time? That's pathetic.
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    @Stuxnet Hahaha it's kinda funny though 🙃
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    @Stuxnet well.. you. You wouldn't know about those millions and have an ig acount if you didn't care about others. Just sayin, don't be like that.^^
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