"Oh you're a programmer? Can you fix my fridge?"


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    IoT, baby.
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    Plumber and housewife?
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    Well you work on a computer, so you obviously understand plumbing. Don't we all?

    Tbh you're not a real programmer if you don't even understand plumbing and how to repair a refrigerator.
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    Can you program it to play my song when I open the door? 😂
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    are you fucking kidding me..
    a fridge🤐
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    Hahahahahahahaaa...... I laughed so hard. I didn't expect this one.
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    Programmers. Are not. Electrical engineers.
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    @SpaceBearOne Not all developers are engineers... Personally, I like both oiling and compiling toolchains though.

    Fridges are relatively simple to repair: If there's no power and it's plugged in, it's likely the PCB. If there is power but no cooling or weird noise, it's likely the compressor. Then there's obvious problems like isolation rubber damage, condensation overflow and leaky icemaker conduits.

    But the first step should be an apt-get update & upgrade of course.
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    @SpaceBearOne It's a common hobby and fridges seem like something a well informed hobbyist should be able to solve.
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    "Oh you're a hacker? Prove it to me by hacking my account"
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    Wonders of the IoT :)

    "Fixing the fridge" these days can mean there is an issue with connecting it to the wifi or getting stuck during software update.
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    @Stuxnet but you shouldn't assume they are.
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    Oh you're a programmer? So does that mean you're like, smart and stuff? Can you help me... *I stop listening*
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