Once my aunt asked me if I could fix her car electric lock, because I was studying IT stuff.

I thought "excuse me, what the fuck?"

I said "Sorry, never studied door stuff ¯\_(ツ)_/¯"

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    Well i guess those $100+ will go to the lockpicker for a 15 min. job and you will stay more or less the same instead of:
    1. Helping auntie
    2. Learning a set of new skills for yourself
    3. Saving the money

    But maybe its worth it because you "have better things to do" ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    First: I'm a dev, don't know shit about electric stuff

    Second: I don't think that would take only 15 minutes

    Third: My uncle went to the car assistance, the problem wasn't even in the door itself, they had to search the car to find that the component that control the door locks had a problem, then change it

    Fourth: The car was on warranty, if I had touched it, they would have to pay for this service and a lot of others things
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    @bioDan I'd agree with you if it was a printer, but now fiddling with car's lock without any experience and possibly fucking it up even more? No thank you.
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    First: stop underrating yourself, you can dp anything you set your mind on

    Second: i dont really know how long it will take but according to what you wrote it sounds basic.

    Third: the company will try to present it as complicated as they can to squeeze another buck.

    Fourth: finally a good reason not to do it :)
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    @sSam i saved up between $600 to $1000 by fixing my own car without prior knowledge.

    I'm a dev and not a car mechanic as well. My car, just like my printer, is mine to fiddle with and so i do (while managing the risks)
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    @bioDan Of course people will show their work as a complicated thing, if it was easy everyone would do it

    And as you said to @sSam, it's YOUR car, printer or whatever. When you have to put your hands on something you don't own it's different, even worse on someone elses car without knowing a shit about what you're suppose to do.
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    @mattLopes if they asked for your help and you would've explained the risks that may come with fixing it they may have agreed. Afterall they asked for your help.

    And im sorry if i sounded like im criticizing you. The position you took is totally understandable and relatable. I was merely trying to encourage you to take a chance on life when presented with an opportunity to do good to those you love.
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