What do you use YouTube/NewPipe for?

I am using it to fall asleep when nothing else helps. Boring YouTubers are good for such a reason, guys lol.
I use it to do sport, to chill, to game, to be productive, to learn, to have some noise when I am bored (e.g. eating).
Offline music while taking a shower.

So tell me... What do you use it for?

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    Watch some videos before buying games that I will never have time to play or new technology.
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    I watch way too many things, podcasts, vlogs etc. I also watch virtual youtubers (those 3d anime chicks playin games and stuff) like kizuna ai people can judge me but i have more fun watching them than talking to my girlfriend so yeaaaah
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    Really only to waste time when I'm unmotivated to continue my programming projects
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    Lots of ASMR
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    YouTube mostly to keep tabs on my subscriptions and have a personalized feed that isn't ridden with Paul / Lil Rent / KSI crap (because that's apparently what the other people in my area watch, according to YouTube 😑). NewPipe mostly to listen to synthwave mixes that I feel like streaming rather than downloading. Or if I feel like downloading something, that in conjunction with youtube-dl.
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