My non coder friend thinks typing a 1000 line document and coding 1000 line software/app are perfectly equal things and deserves equal salary.

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    Oh come on its just a different language!!!
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    I'd say yes, of course - if your friend would work as lawyer or notary where a 1000-line document might even earn him more than your 1000-line app. :D

    ... then again, people in the industry of writing everything else than code are most times underpaid, so I'd also say he's somewhat right. Hu.
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    By those standards I should be earning the same a JK Rowling after coding a fullstack, after all it's approximately the same number of lines right.
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    @nin0x03 I support for good salary for everyone. But there's no debugging in ms word document :D
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    1. Propose a 2 day challenge you start from write document, your friend write code. Then you change.
    2. You divide and count percentage
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    @retard That's true, but also makes it even worse sometimes. :)
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    @vane most of our time is spent in thinking code, rather than typing it.
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    Jesus. Fucking Christ.

    I'm not religious.

    My God. That's just fucked up.
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    Please. Lightning 2. On him.
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    Depends on the document, depends on the code.
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    I'd like to argue that if you are personally writing 1000 lines, then you probably need to refactor. It's probably bad code and deserves bad pay.
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    I would disagree with the person slightly less if he/she writes 1000 lines using latex, but still a NO overall
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    Lol there are programs in science that contain more than a million line of code...
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    Also in earlier 80's before machine architecture "unified", it's much more line-drainful to write low level architecture-proof codes
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    @deadPix3l YouTube's algorithms are a million lines code. It is not mandatory to write 1000 lines in a single file, same goes for documents.
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    I met a dev this weekend, when I asked him what he did, he said he "writes software." I'm waiting for the next trend for programing job titles to be "software writer."

    "Yo bro, I thought you were an engineer" "Nah dude, I'm a writer"
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    In that case I should owe the company a serious amount of money when I refactor shitty code
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    @trogus then testers should be "typo checker"!
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    @Gaveuxifort @retard oh I'm aware. I'm just saying if a single programmer is writing 1000s of lines of code, they better be doing hundreds of things. Or you need to delegate. Or that task is really, really hard. But in my experience, maybe some of the above is true, but likely you're just fucking it up! Simplify!
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    You should “unsubscribe” from that friendship.
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