Desks are fucken expensive for what they actually are.

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    Great tags. My desk has 3 legs
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    @crapped Great comment, my desk has 2 legs.
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    @404response Great reply. My desk is a flying carpet.
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    @crapped @404response jokes on you I have a 2 feet thick and 5 feet long block of wood, it don't need any legs
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    @rantsauce I like your thinking but your skipped 1 leg. Also a flying carpet can't be a desk by definition.
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    @crapped you're a leg elitist, desks by definition don't imply any legs and are supportive of all backgrounds, leg or leg-less, you don't get to choose if you're made with a leg or not:

    a piece of furniture with a flat or sloping surface and typically with drawers, at which one can read, write, or do other work.
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    Well. A good desk can be used for many years, and also improves your productivity, health and comfort - If they are ergonomic.
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    Some people work all day to make desks for us. And this is how you thank them?
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    @Skayo soon they will have deskRant, where they will rant about "their clients"
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    Check out the second hand market, you find the occasional bargain
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    I had the same thought a few days ago.
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