Why is devRant asking for most hours we worked? How is this any achievement or even something to be proud of? I wished the IT world would finally abandon this toxic view on overtime-cowboys and must-work-60-hour weeks that some IT companies sadly imposed on us.

Not everyone is happy working for 20 hours straight. Actually humankind has spent the last 150 years trying to get workloads reduced - and in almost all industries it worked, until IT sacrificed these advancements on the altar of a few brilliant silicon valley masterminds and their promise of wealth and eternal glory.

Just live a healthy live. Find a healthy balance. Enjoy your time off, enjoy friends and family. Take breaks. Go outside. Go on vacation. And push back on unreasonable workloads.

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    Amen 🙏
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    I do like to push myself, yeah I'm not healthy, and see how far I can go.

    It gives me a false sense of accomplishment, which feels nice.
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    In my company, management has pushed back on such workoholics long since. For one, the CEO has made clear that we must not work more than 10 hours straight because work law doesn't allow more. To back that order up, they also don't pay any time over 10 hours.
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    why? because there is potential for a story to be told behind that. Sure that's no achievement to be proud of. But this is a place to rant after all.
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    @Franboo or kill eachother off..

    I'm with @MisterArie on this..
    I am weird in that way that I take on too much responsibility and want everything to actually work, so I go & fix other peoples blunders too..
    No matter the cost of my mental health..
    I'm getting better at this (this being not doing other peoples jobs and over hours) but from time to time I still slip (one of my previous rants), when I get so engulfed in what I'm doing that I forget time..

    It is not healthy & totally not worth being burned out (been there too), but sometimes I forget what time it is, and come home at 8 in the evening.. And like I wrote in other comments, working hours != productive hours, so no real meauserments here..in most cases you stop being productive if you're up too long or even focusing on only one thing for a long time..
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    What are you talking about? It’s the weekly *rant* topic. Some, like this one, are meant to be negative things...
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