Not having a unicorn gender on devRant is so offensive! i mean its 2018!

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    In 2020 gender will be an infinite while loop!
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    Gender is a Boolean value, change my mind.
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    @trickory isHuman true/false ?
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    @trickory so which gender is the negative value in your primitive boolean universe?! -_- ...and what about snails?!
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    @karma not enough computing power in the world to keep that loop running.
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    @C0D4 hopefully we will have alien AI
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    @heyheni 1 looks like a dick and 0 like a cunt. Pretty easy.

    @ynnk not that many snails on DR.

    But seriously, what could be added is a kind of neutral option for people who'd like an avatar, but don't want to disclose their gender for whatever reason.
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    @Fast-Nop i would tag those as unicorns :D
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    @ynnk Who cares, someone is going to complain either way.
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