I like the way Elon Musk takes a jab at others!

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    Also air for the tiers is sold separately and via yearly subscription of 99$
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    You can get 5 TB version just for +30000$
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    It's the best car in the world! Much better than any open source or Redmond produced cars. Why? Coz fuck you, that's why!
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    I really, really don't like Elon Musk.

    He is(was) an asshole to his wive, treats his workers like shit and is a general douchebag.

    He might be very smart, but he's just as much of a self-loving prick.

    Waiting for him to comment here and call me 'pedo'.
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    Musk and Apple are in the same business of overpriced status symbols.
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    Electric Cars don't have 'engines' 🤷🏻‍♂️
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