How are these EU-Upload Filters even practical for anyone except google? This seems like the most unrealistic specification by non-tech bosses in history to me 😭 What do these people expect the upload filters should compare the uploads to? How the fuck should, say a blog website, ensure that none of the uploads are copyright inflicting? Are quotes copyright inflicting? Or only when I copy paste an entire book and write my name under that? How will that get detected? Do we have a database with all the copyrighted works somewhere, that every company has access to? This shit can basically only work for companies like google which have enough data to implement such filters and thats why they already had an upload filter on youtube anyways. This entire amendment is so fucking ridiculous that it basically has to fail, no doubt. In a few months still nobody is going to have upload filters, watch...

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    It wont work.

    Not even google have it working very good and they are probably among the best on it.

    Its a pipe dream as a law.

    For it to work it would have to know everything, literally, and since everything changes every word uttered would have to go into the system continuously, every email, written document etc...

    Anything less and the system will fail one way or the other, most likely blocking legitimate content and thereby censoring free speech.
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    @Voxera I am not sure why they would do this, but there is clearly an agenda behind this. Article 13 had already been rejected once afaik, but nevertheless they just vote again! ("vote" as in """vote""")
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    It is all about censorship really.
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    @Linux that would be incredibly stupid. It may well be but what the heck would that solve? things will just escalate, polarize even more, people will be at their throats and nations will break apart. Who in their right mind would think that was a good idea?
    I would much rather like to think it was just corruped by big companies because then the justification of each individual was simply money and not mayhem.
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    Look at it this way, youtube has spend almost 10 years on their "copyright system" keep in mind they had billions in resources, and you can still pretty easy bypass it.
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    This is a stupid law, but honestly, the only valid reason to become a Eurosceptic. 😑
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    @simulate the best thing is they will vote a last time in spring next year.. rip internet
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    @saiij why are they voting multiple times? is that on purpose?
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    @tsirpos Yes all those nationalists saying EU is a bad idea are just conservative and weirded out by new stuff. I think it was a great idea to begin with (ensuring continental peace and harmony) but after generations people took it for granted, politicians started doing their job for the money and the whole thing turned into a corrupted monstrum, as it easily goes with large communities if the individuals dont watch out. And I guess we have been living off of economy for too long and now it governs us. what is it going to take to give power back to the individual?
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    @simulate they voted again because they changed the proposal in the mean time. The fundamental problems still stand, but the law now does not apply to small companies (<10m€ balance sheet or 50 employees).
    Also, the law now states, that no automated filtering should be used now, while in fact still makes exactly that mandatory.
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    @simulate that's exactly the case.

    And the worst thing is that the whole process is barely transparent. I have never seen any European Parliament sessions on TV, nor have they ever been mentioned either there, or on Google News sites. They seemingly don't concern us at all, yet they actually do.

    Do you (or anybody else) know where to find the roll call of the MEPs who voted in favor of, and against this 💩? I couldn't find anything myself.
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