Am I the only one who is not seeing a big deal in new EU regulations. It's copyright it's always been there. I might be terribly wrong, if so please change my mind.

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    Ah, so mandatory upload-filters that are error-prone are a good thing?
    As well as paying a link tax to media outlets?
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    It depends on if the implementation will limit the freedom of speech. Wikipedia may close. Most importantly, memes may disappear.
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    I read that memes and links won't be affected by this. Plus if a company gets its revenue from user generated content the users should be paid.

    Again I'm not saying I'm right, I just draw conclusions from the info I found.
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    It's literslly the EU's biggest fuck up. Why did the law get passed? "Because it was a good idea". Idiots don't know what they're doing.

    The creativity online is stunned. No remixes or anything like that is allowed.

    Quoting any news story using more that 2 words is now illegal. Literally stops the opposition from criticising lies and stuff. False reporting will definitely be on the rise.

    And, of course, our freedom is slowing being taken away. Fucking authoritarian fucks.
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    @c3ypt1c this is actually the first reasonable explanation, thanks.
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