Fuck you guys. Honestly most of the rants i've read concerning python and their abolishme t of sait terms where fucking butthurt. "What virgin suggested this", "people shouldn't be offended, it's just a name" and so on.

I do agree with every one saying a name shouldn't matter (readability is a different story! However parent/child or producer/consumer IMHO preserve that). So why are you fucking offended when it is changed to parent/child or produver/consumer? Does it affect you in any way? You know there's the `sed` command, plus IntelliJ (and most other IDEs) have a quite good support for renaming/refactoring stuff.

By reacting this way, by beeing offended all you do is proving the point. Words can offend people. I personally don't care how it's called. So far I always used master/slave and didn't think twice about it. But then again if someone of my coworkers or friends would feel threatened by these words, I try to avoid them. Naming diesn't matter to me, nor the compiler. So fuck, if it makes people happy or feeling save then lets change it.

What the fuck do you gain by sticking to those terms anyways?

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    "Words can offend people"

    While it's true in general, the problem here is the action on itself.

    Picture this: QA rejects a deliver because implementation (unseen code) has "offensive terms"

    Fuck this shit.

    Waiting for a ton of BIOS software to upgrade the same terms for hdds
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    @perotti as open source software is published on GitHub, indexed by Google and taught in introduction to programming classes all around the world, I wouldn't call it "unseen" code. For all I care you can name all variables in your closed source internam code "wackSucks123" so what. Public code on the other hand is a different story.
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    "We don't do python here, pythonistas are racists as fuck yo"
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    These, or any other, terms when taken out of context can be interpreted at free will what, I'm sure, would happen easily with dumbasses. But python's terms are very context specific.
    If you wish to bring awareness and intellect to humanity I wish you all the luck in the universe, you'll need it.
    Some source code with some dubious patch that only a few hundred of select people will see does not qualify as a leap in humanity.
    Or at least invest in marketing and advertise that you're taking steps to point out problems humanity has with racism, sexism, slavery, poverty or whatever you believe is primary to change. Include media, make it global, so even non-python programmers and non-tech people know it.
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    I wouldn't say that people got offended by that action, but more like annoyed by people making stupid arse decisions because they have too much time on their hands.

    The whole "SJW" thing reflects perfectly how dumb society can be. You take something important such as tolerance, and make it all about yourself in a holy war against anyone who dares to be sane.
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    The producer/consumer description doesn't necessarily fit if you have hardware on a bus - the consumer may actually consume nothing as the producer may produce nothing. Also, parent/child doesn't fit here.

    I'd not say master/slave describes it better, because it describes involuntary dependence relations between people which this is not. I'd just like to have this debate - without the immediate defensive convulsions on both sides.

    (Personally, I don't like the master/slave terminology either - it's a mixture in knowing that there are still living people as slaves or close to that and having terminology in code that is "not abstract enough" to describe the concept. But I use it out of convenience. meh.)
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    @nin0x03 same. One could use issuer/subscriber but then again the name producer doesn't guarantee, there will ever be something produced...
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    @Wack Issuer/subscriber could actually fit quite well, for some systems.
    (Calling something a producer if it never produces anything seems somewhat ... weird to me. Or maybe I'm associating producer/consumer too much with economic terms as non-native English speaker.)

    Other than that, having other terminologies could actually describe better whether it's a subscriber/issuer bus or if it's more of a producer/consumer system.
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    this master-slave things appear in digital logic too, i don't think people should be that butthurt about it, just saying
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    Coding is purely about logic. The words in coding is not place to bring your emotion or history.

    A section of people are fucking stupid to get offended over anything and has no shame in taking things out of context and forces their prejudice over normal people like us.

    The kind of people who started this might even petition to take the word master or slave out of dictionary because the word is offensive for them. That's how the trajectory of this is going.
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    The idea behind being offended by the mere presence of a word in code - in fucking code! - without context, is honestly pretty stupid. What's going to be next, becoming disallowed calling plugs and sockets male or female, because HAVE YOU CONSIDERED THE GENDER IDENTITY OF THE POKEY BITS?! Batshit fucking insane, just like everything else that the Tumblr feminazism stands for these days. I'm all for equality, but stupid shit like this isn't feminism. Actually I find their actions in the 21st century to be the most grotesque rape of the word feminism. Have they ever considered that?! Fucking hell.
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    @Condor lol'd at the socket part
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    Does that mean I will get into trouble if I use variables and functions like following in my code?

    $slave, $lord, $black, kill_all(), fuckingShit(), etc.
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    @cursee probably not. Especially if it's closed source code. If however the code is used to teach introduction to programing classes people would probably get offended...
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    @Wack that's sad ☹️
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    @cursee why so? Freedom of speak gives you the right to say anything you like, it however does not guarantee you an audience, it doesn't force others to listen or like what you are saying/doing and it also gives them the right to state their opinion too.
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    Stand up for bit equality

    0 === 1 , close the bit gap

    also stop treating all your data as objects, we should treat like the data they deserve to be
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    I could not care less about the actual naming, but the action itself consists of many things that are unacceptable in my opinion:
    - Bringing politics into the programming world
    - An open source community rejecting and censoring the communities opinion
    - Deviating from the norm and even denying it's existence.
    - delusional, butthurt people feeling the urge to change the world, only from their computers. Anything else is completely unreachable and should be done by someone else...
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