I was Compiling app on windows 10, just gone for few mins to grab a coffee and then i saw blue screen with
Updating Windows.

Nobody ask you to do it. You piece of shit.

And that's not all, it even restarted without my permission.

Seriously Fuck you Microsoft

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    Read your post and got reminded of how my PC sometimes just randomly shuts off shortly after boot. It's an old laptop and the battery is all but dead so it wouldn't shock me in the slightest that it's simply a battery problem. It's just sad/depressing that I could even consider that it's Microsoft trying to push an update...
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    Don't active hours work for you?
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    That happend to me once at work.
    It was a while ago, so I don't remember what it said, but I remember i couldn't even log in!
    Spent almost 3 days without a laptop because we also couldn't re-install Windows for some reason.
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    Beautiful rant, it inspired me.
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    @t3b4n inspired enough for dumping windows?
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    @cervantes01 I've disabled auto-update. And still i have to see this shit. That's why I'm ANGRY on Windows
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    @jdevs I'm already a macOS user
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