If you don't know how to git clone, can you even call yourself a developer?

No. Just, no.

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    No u
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    Isn't that term offensive to star wars fans? And cloned sheep? /s

    Yep. Still pissed off.
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    What were developers called before git?
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    So, what about SVN?

    Git is not the only tool boi
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    What about clearcase?
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    Hey, we all started from zero at some point. Some people are lucky enough to learn early, others find out about it much later on
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    Actually I came to git quite late when starting to work with smaller and less complex software projects. I was using clearcase before... Just because clearcase is made for configuration management on a huge Level...so for really big software systems
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    Yes you can! I know lots of developers that don't use git.
    You just did the mother of all fuckups (assumptions) multiple times.

    First of all developers generally have something to do with construction projects. Software developers came later.
    Second what @jAsE said...
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    Don’t mind me. Just here to slam the ++ button on every comment that does disagree with this rant.
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    @Linux shhhh.

    Let him think that there is only git.
    Or anyone before the introduction of git wans't a "real" developer...
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    and knowing git doesn't make u a dev either, you can pretty much know git but not programming
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    interesting how I understanded the post. like:
    "no, just" don't make that question "no"

    but I caught myself in doubt, that's why I band to the commentaries to see that I'm probably wrong in my interpretation
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    Hey, i did cvs and subversion before git was even a thing. I don’t deserve to be called a developer?
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    Lol, it's a rant - I'm being a dick on purpose people.

    Of course I know there's more than just Git, or that version control itself is no actual measurement of a devs particular skillset but some of you want to ruin the fun so let's troll harder...

    Centralized version control is cancer, SVN is a relic of the past and developers who use it might as well write their code out on a typewriter and compare notes. We have Git now. Decentralized version control is masterrace.

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    Be original. Git init.
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