Making a Package Manager from Scratch is hard.

Making a Scratch-like education coding software in XAML is hard.

Setting up a server with zero knowledge is hard.

Creating a new file extension for my project and making it work is hard.

But, as a student,

studying and coding is the hardest thing.

Same 24 hours for everyone, and I should code as well as study.


The most precious thing in Earth.


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    This is frigging free poetry
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    I can relate.

    But I am not supposed to code. I just do so.

    My school doesn't support much IT stuff. When I'll go to university, then I'll have the same problem.
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    Keep at it bro. I was and still am in the same position as you. 24 hours just ain't enough for work (coding) and side projects (coding). But, in a year or 2 you will be very glad that you've put the time and effort to learn and work on your side projects. All of this will give you experience which is very valuable.
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