Doing coding from past 5 years.
Everyone treat me like regular working family member.
and then one day Dad stuck on some .gov site filling form.

He was not able to use backspace as developer forget to allow
backspace. So, I open console type the basic
document.getElementById().value = "";

Now, I am getting respect as a doctor get =_=

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    Congrats, but what does "forgot to allow
    backspace" mean exactly? Never seen such thing before.
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    Backspace use to mean “navigate back” and web devs would capture the keystroke and swallow it. You would have to “arrow and delete”. Chrome changed that and made CTRL+Left to be “navigate back”.
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    @norman70688 The special character was not allowed. Only allowed capital and small alphabetical characters and forget to think that people will also use backspace.

    So, once you typed that's all, a normal person can't clear the text.
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    A government site? That's not a surprise.
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