Fuck you idiots at medium.com for your sheer impudence. Not only that you track me, which I havn't agreed to, you think it's a good idea to nag around and gather even more data!
You stinking farts label your stalking as "let's make things official"! Who shit in your head?
I've seen other places way more often, and guess what, no coffee bar has ever had the idea to ask for my ID card just because I bought my second or third coffee there.
But just because it's the internet you think it's OK to be intrusive wankers, yeah?! Fuck off.

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    You should block that popup with an ad blocker.
    That's what I did.
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    In your screenshot I saw the close button for this popup. Ive never seen it on my popups, so I always left medium and added the website to my block list..,
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    Reason #82773738494 why i use tor :)
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    If you want to get around this by having an account that's not connected to FB or Google, Medium doesn't even check if your email address is associated with an account. In other words if you hit sign in and click with email, and put in a totally new email, it sends you a link to click and set up an account. (e.g. with a fake Mailinator account)

    But if you're from a seedy IP it'll give you an impossible captcha that just runs forever and never ends, making it really hard to make good bots.
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