guess what ? I'am a hardcore accounting student writing programs for computer science students as their final year project :). this dudes can't even write a single line of code

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    Ask them to help you with your grammar in return.
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    return "BURN!!!"
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    Let them fail. If they can't do their own projects, don't unleash them on the workforce.
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    @Cheeseypi If they truly can't write a line of code, which I feel the OP is exaggerating, then there's no way just having a degree would be enough to get them a job.

    You have to have some skills to get a job, not just a degree.
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    @Stuxnet You'd think so, but I've interviewed too many people that have worked in coding roles (at least according to their CV) that just can't code for shit. And not just people that can't write a function to reverse an array in place. We're talking about people that ask "What's an array?"...
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    @Cheeseypi That is if they are not paying him
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    @kamen lol. that's how we speak in my country
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    @Stuxnet Hey. This is my country. It happens.
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    I have the same issue
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