We took PHP and made it worse... somehow.

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    You haven't seen Wordpress then.
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    But... if you stop using Joomla, what will I be using to execute commands on your server? ;)
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    @k0pernikus I have. We willingly chose Joomla for our development at work and a new web 'design' guy is trying to push us back to Wordpress. It's lovely.
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    Wow, Joomla still exists?
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    Joomla was fine at the time, compared to Drupal in the same period.

    Joomla has never recovered.
    Drupal tried to but never really got through the WordPress craze.

    WordPress was and still is just a clusterfuck, when people do stuff the wrong way, while allowing it too..

    Well, that's my opinion. I just made my own CMS, and kept it simple but semi-modular, at the time.

    Those were the early days though.
    PHP 4, going into 5.

    Now, if you don't understand OO, or what namespaces and respective classes actually do or resemble (in that specific framework)... you're pretty fucked by logic.

    Over time...
    - Documentation became "easier" to grasp, and even to understand, it's become a common practice mostly
    - PSR came into play
    - Package management (composer) came to life

    It's still growing, as are the users. But fuck Joomla for still existing...
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