I'm a "lefty", I defended the Python "Master/Slave" stuff, but honestly, what the fuck is this CoC at Linux? (https://lulz.com/linux-devs-threate...)

It it isn't "fair" as people who are indicated don't get a "fair trial", I'm all for enabling women, PoC, and folks of the LQBTQIA+ community, but simply kicking people out you don't like isn't the fucking solution! What a fuckup.

If there are people supporting the CoC, please let me know your views and why, as I simply can't understand it.

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    If the anti-CoC are in the majority (in the active contributor community, not necessarily the Linux Foundation board) can't they just say that they don't recognise it and openly disobey it with impunity? You can't fire everyone.

    Or fork leaving the original playing second fiddle, like with OpenOffice.
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    I was thinking of going back to Linux with steam's proton fork of wine but now I think I'll stay on windows
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    I don't think that the likes of Sharp or Ada will even care about that. Sarah Sharp made a lot of contributions to xhci, so maybe she does.. but I doubt it. They're beyond reason.
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    OP, read your post again, you immediately put people in groups. This is the left now. Everything is put in a group and some groups are higher in priority over others in the pyramid of identities.

    This is discrimination.

    I am pretty neutral towards Linux, but if it goes to shit because of the left, then it'll be a glorious sight and enough proof that whatever the left touches end up being shit.
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    @MrCSharp Those people are not left when they're discriminating based on their own prejudices. That's a thing that the far right does. That said, I don't feel like bringing politics in here.. just saying, those people are just as much left as ISIS are Muslims. And I'd describe both of them as terrorists.
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    @Condor I’d call it more the alt-left
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    @hitchhiker42 There's no such thing as alt-left. https://wired.com/story/...
    (edit: well, other than the keyboard shortcut of course)
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    @hitchhiker42 @Condor the left and right extremes tend to be more similar than they are different, just with varying details. The methodologies and goals end up being pretty similar
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    @Crazed no, just no. Horseshoe theory ist just plain stupid.

    One side wants to kill/eliminate people based on their religion, sexual orientation or collor of their skinn

    The other wants to stop the first group (plus redistribute the wealth amongst the people)

    There's a German commedian summing it up pretty good, I'll try to translate it: "No, the right and left are by far not equaly bad. The right wants to set people on fire while the left wants to set cars on fire. It's obviously that the left is worse, as I don't own any people, but the car could be mine!"
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    Sorry to invoke Godwin's Law here, but who killed more people, Hitler or Stalin?
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    @d4ng3r0u5 oh, Stalin by a long shot! Not even an honorable mention.
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    @d4ng3r0u5 They were both dictators just that one of them was totally insane and commited genocide. Don't think there is any further difference there.
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    It's kinda sad that this has reached Linux now too. I still remember how this shit went down with FreeBSD...
    What I don't understand is why Linus doesn't seem to do anything against that and what why all these ppl like RMS and (Linus included here too) the like haven't just stopped this before it really began. I mean it's blatantly obvious that this could only result in shit.
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    Now they're going to change the linux logo to a rainbow penguin getting fucked in the ass.
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    @segfault0xff don't give them any ideas.. ._.
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    @Condor it's probably in the third revision. Btw that's going to be the quality of contributions to linux from now on. The dedicated coders on the project have likely had enough and will leave for other projects
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    The fuck is happening? o.O
    Someone willing to make a "TL;DR Resume"? 😂
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    @taglia so, one thing is Linus has left Linux Kernel development, to work on his people skills, as he has been an ashole in the past. The other thing is that Linux adopted a Code of Conduct, which basically says you have to be nice and inclusive to every one and forbids the use of offensive terms. One of the consequences could be, that you get banned from a project (for some time).

    The whole community (including me! Once you actually read it, it's not that bad) overreacting. Amongst other things people being pushed out or leaving on their own from the kernel dev group.
    Now the kernel has a GPLv2 licence which means the original author still has the IP rights to their code and theoretically would be able to deny any usage (by revoking the granted access).

    In retrospect a lot of hot air about not that much (I considered multiple times taking the rant down (as I wrote it like 5 min after wakingnup and just have read one article...) but then again I hate cencorship).

    A quite good read (IMO) is the following: https://itsfoss.com/linux-code-of-c...
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    I am generally all for a "Code of (Conduct|Conflict)" as a guideline you can check if in doubt. But it must fit.

    In a company, where you actually meet people in person, such guidelines need to be more detailed.

    But in FOSS? Where you see a nickname and an e-mail address in a code commit?

    Here such guidelines don't need to be about distinctive traits. You can't "see" them from code commits anyway. How am I supposed to know whether the committer is male/female/trans/gay/straight/white/black/purple/whatever?

    Right. I can't.

    And that's why I am all against the bullshit CoralineAda presses on anyone who isn't fast and firm enough to say "no".

    I could deconstruct it here, but my limit is almost reached, so here is a link doing that for me:

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