travelling by train, supposedly first class.

asked for headphones on stewardess' first pass through our carriage.

that was an hour ago. since then, she made three other passes of our carriage, serving out beverages, foods and coffees.

because fuck you, headphones take most time to prepare so first we will serve everyone else.

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    Train, stewardess and asking for headphones? It doesn't fit together
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    at my place you get slowpoke trains that are always late, you can drink only in restaurant wagon and if you don't order every 15 minutes they ask you to leave. stewardess in train? nope, just old dudes checking your passenger card.
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    How much is a first class train ticket? And what kind of distance is it
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    Bring your own headphones?
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    First class?
    I’m in a tin can full of sardines right now, and here you are sitting back enjoying yourself and being served by someone every 15 minutes...

    Ah well at least I bring my headphones😉
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    what place is this? getting a seat in train seems luxury here...
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    Second class here is akin to travelling with crying babies at full volume in your ears, being poked by bags someone every few kilometers, sometimes they fall on your head directly. Pray any god for them to contain soft clothes. Best scenario you are late, worst case the train is in a fire.

    The latter thing is true also for city buses.
    The only thing that works is the subway...
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    @hackedranger the ticket cost about 35 euro per prague-bratislava trip which is about 800 kilometers i think.
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    @Linux i thought i did until i realized in the train that i lost them
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