I hate the dumbass people that send on slack: "good morning", "good afternoon" or "how are you?" and do not say anything until I reply. If you do this FUCK YOU!! Just ask the fucking question. Now I just ignore everybody until the question is made

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    Social skills are a major weakness in the IT field...
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    It's not a social problem, it's a matter of time. I don't have time to waste. And some questions I just want to ignore and pretend that I am afk, but if I answer the "good morning" the person knows that I am online and then ask me and so I need to answer the question .
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    @malakh It's not just this post or you.

    Most people here have trash social skills.
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    At work, we have some chat system, and my very first question was whether it's mandatory to use it. Turned out it wasn't, so I ditched it.
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    @Stuxnet a convincing emulation can go a looong way.
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    @irene That's a huge fucking mood tonight lmao.

    Also congrats on 1k again lol.
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    @irene After I got the tiger, I quit giving a shit lol.

    But yeah that was fast asf. 🤷🏻‍♂️ When you're active, you grow fastly.
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    @malakh yes, I do the same. They damn learned it.
    Sometimes it looks like this:
    A (pm or dev colleague or stranger): “Hello, dder.”
    Me: “Just ask your question.”
    A: “Oh”
    A: “okay, you are very straight”
    A: “how are you?”
    A : “okay, so concerning case 2048, I wonder if <link> works”

    *i have no idea which Problemen case 2048 is, so I need to look up and stuff*...
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    You might enjoy this read. http://www.nohello.com/
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    "Good morning my ass, go on with your answer already"
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    Omg I can’t stand this. I make a point of not replying to messages that are not work-related.

    And for the record this is not poor communication skills, this is a trick people use to bait you into waiting until they have your attention before asking you something. It’s very rude because it doesn’t let you answer the request in your own time.

    For example instead of “Good morning, how are those designs coming?”, which you can get back to, it’s “Good morning” <wait until you take the bait> and *then* they ask the question once they know you’re there and you have to reply.

    Fuck people who do this, it’s slimy. This is why you should ignore smalltalk in professional messages.
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