After two months of working on the new version I've finally decided to compile everything. I must say I was pretty confident that everything would compile pretty well.
I've never been so wrong in my life xD

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    Wtf - you waited 2 *months* before compiling?! My code often won't compile after 2 minutes of editing (well, it wouldn't if I didn't have IDE hints telling me where I'd made stupid mistakes.)
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    @almon@AlmondSauce I waited so long because I didn't work too much on it and there was no point in compiling the project halfway through the changes :)
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    @RanterPro Wut? There's no point in compiling a project in the middle of changes? Dude... Unless the compilation takes 8h or so, compile after finishing every method.
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    @piehole it doesn't really work with C if you're refactoring basically everything...
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    Hopefully it's more modular after refactoring.
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