Heyyyy, I just found out about https://myactivity.google.com !

Yeah, that thing is scary. And yes, I was able to see what I searched when I met my girlfriend or when I still was in high school. This thing remembers more about me than I do...

So yeah, I'll try to drop everything GAFAM-related within the next months.

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    What does gafam stand for?
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    53 TABS!!! WHAT ARE YOU, CRAZY?!?!
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    @crapped lol I've got 100+ on my old phone
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    @linuxxx @mngr Google/Amazon/Facebook/Apple/Microsoft
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    @ohemelaar Awesome! Trying that myself 😁
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    @ohemelaar Bro, when I downloaded my google data (about 7 or 8 gigs), I thought sweet God the hell was going through my mind back then. Google could blackmail the world

    @Stuxnet I thought I was the only person who didn't close tabs lol
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    @Holyfield3000 wellllll it's basically all porn lmao

    A few tabs have movies and TV episodes on them. But yeah lmao
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    And this is what feeds AI 🤔🤣
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    @Stuxnet 😂😂😂 good ol' Brazzers

    @karma WORD LMAOO
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    @Stuxnet you don't mean 100+ you mean you have :) tabs lol
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    Last time I visited that page, I was quite scared by it as well.. the amount of data that Google stores about you is really unsettling. Fortunately they allow it to be deleted all at once, unlike, say, Facebook where you have to painstakingly delete everything one by one.
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    Welcome to "Service Terms and Conditions Exist for a Reason"
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    This is also the page where you can disable such collection :)
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    Well, in this particular case Google simply saves an history of what you typed by yourself, it isn't data collected in discutible ways.
    That's why I ALWAYS search sensible stuff with Incognito mode
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    @f7u12 That's where they tell* me I can disable it
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    And there you can also still listen to everything you said to your Google Home/Google Assistant. Which is way more terrifying in my opinion.
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