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I'm looking for recipe to try and make as I'm a bit too bored and my school life is being a bitch. Can anyone recommend me their favorite recipe?

And yes, I'm bold to assume you guys can cook

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    Go for Gnocchi. Super simple ingredients and a good dish overall
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    Boil a package of pasta according to directions.
    Brown 1lb ground beef in huge skillet.
    Dump pasta and a jar of spaghetti sauce into skillet and mix with ground beef.

    Voila. (Yes, I am a skilled chef. 😁)
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    You got a favorite meat?
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    @Stuxnet Depending on what "meat". But pork and beef are the affordable and readily available
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    @PythonTryHard A nice London broil (it's beef in case you didn't know. I hadn't heard of it until a year or so ago) is REALLY good.

    You can look up a few recipes based on your likings.
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    @Stuxnet Nice! I'll try to make the recipe you guys recommend and post the result later on owo)/
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    If you can get ground pork you can mix it up with some BBQ sauce and make burgers. Just cook them in a skillet. Seriously delicious.
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    @PythonTryHard I've just started to cook more often and more variety than my 5 comfort meals lol.

    I friend some chicken for the first time (never needed to until now, since I always had someone else that would do it for me) and I was pretty pleased.

    I'm going to try something pork related this week. Maybe a pork chop or something.
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    Lmfao @iHatePython and @PythonTryHard.

    Gotta love dR
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    @Stuxnet We’re on one of my favorite topics. Love to cook and bake. 😉
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    @iHatePython I'm starting to like it more and more.

    Genuinely makes the food taste better when you cook it.

    It's kinda like mowing the yard then just standing there observing your great work 😂😂😂
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    @Stuxnet Aw yeah. The best part is stuffing your face. 😁
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    Go and try ‘hesmi’. It won’t disappont you.

    At my place when a small kids cry ppl say, dont cry in evening will go to market and will bring you a hesmi.
    Child do support most of times. By evening children generally fgt about any promise.

    Spoiler: Hesmi is not a real thing just a made up word.
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    The holy cookie recipe of @Alice

    I don't remember the link
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    Put a whole tomato in the middle of cooker while cooking rice. Add potatoes and onions and some spices that you might like.

    Cook it, mix it.

    Enjoy :)
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    Wtf guys ? Where is Alice most awesome cake ? I have it forked on my github. Go to the main repo trough there since i dont remember the name.
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    @UltraJason Hell yeah. Thats the only real recipe
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    +1 to making gnocchi. I actually loved making Gordon Ramsay's version of gnocchi, and it tastes good. Also, you don't need to use sophisticated equipments for it.
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    Do you like fish?
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    Cuba Libre!

    4 cl of brown rum
    0.3 l of coke zero
    1 lemon
    1 ice cube

    Cut the lemon in half and press the juice into a glass. Pour in 4 cl of rum. Fill up with coke zero. Put in the ice cube. Done!

    (Coke zero gives less headache because there's no sugar in it.)
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