I don't scream because my teams are in a different country and we communicate by IM and email.

I do write long ranting/passive-aggressive emails or type really quick replies when I'm pissed though. .

An example of the latter:

Boss: I need you to make a "quick" fix...
Me: hmm ok sounds like we should implement it like ...
Boss: I was thinking something like this... since it's a temp fix
Need: (typing faster) why is it a temp fix... why not builds it properly so it can be reused
Boss: but that takes time, this is quicker
Me: it's bad design because ... (Typing so fast I'm making typos)... Anyway I can do it. This is better...
Boss: ... ok fine... if you can finish it before deadline

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    Try the screaming once in a while. Much satisfaction. :3
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    @cursee who do I scream at?
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    Use caps lock.

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    @billgates mirror mirror in the world. Who is the annoyedest of all?
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    @cursee but I'm the only person in NYC, everyone else is in another country as I said.

    The only people I can yell at are restaurant workers like at McD. Actually this morning they forgot to give me game pieces. I didn't tell I was pretty pissed: hey where are my game pieces... You know there's a promo going on...
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    @billgates send voice rage messages 😆😆😆
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