”Can’t you install the new update while the computer is turned off?”

Things I hear at work..

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    I think it’s a question for NSA
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    Intel AMT
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    @vane As long as it's connected to something controllable (Ethernet, a power source, etc), it's always possible
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    @theNSA that’s what I thought, that’s why I never disconnect from internet so both sides got latest updates
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    My computer turns itself on sometimes to do updates.
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    Totally possible.
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    I would love that!
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    The feature we don't deserve. But the feature we need.
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    @cursee I, for one, don't need nor want such a "feature."
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    @Root if it's just normal regular update (apt update), I wish it got automatically done while I'm asleep :3
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    function windows10() {
    sudo apt upgrade -y
    #TODO: random crash and/or data corruption
    sudo poweroff
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