I've only been working for a about 6 months, so this is the best I got.

I'm working with a software/programming language I've never worked with before this, so sometimes I have to go ask my co-worker if what I did is correct, or ask him where some information is stored.

So sometimes I do someting, and then go ask him if it's ok and I can continue. He looks at my code, starts asking questions and (sometimes, not always) says something like "this is not it, let's do it together". Alright, I understand that, I know I still make a lot of mistakes and I'm still learning how to work with this. It's all still very new to me.

We start looking for stuff, making queries, programming, etc. and then we end up with the exact same code that I had made... But, somehow, now it's correct...

This happens so much, I hate asking him things now!

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    Ah, the classic -
    "halp plz"
    "Ok what's the problem"
    "Oh it doesn't seem to happen any more"
    "Yw for looking at it c:"
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    @svgPhoenix that actually happens a lot to me too, this is kind of like that just with more (unnecessary) work.

    The results are the same when I did it vs when co-worker did it, it's just he looks at it, says it's wrong, re-writes the code, and comes to the same conclusion as me. I don't get it
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    Maybe he's new to it, too
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    @electrineer he's not, he has been working with it for 5 years now
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    That sucks. I remember one senior dev I was stuck with when I was a junior. I’d ask him a question about this big company-wide system I know jack about, and he’d just keep whining “look at the coooooode”. Which of the thousands of lines would you like me to look at? I should have asked him that.

    Maybe you should print the before and after code and ask this guy to circle the differences.

    Companies I’ve worked for love to crow about seniors mentoring juniors, but I haven’t really seen it actually happen. I always want to, though.
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    Just be glad that they put in effort to create a quality codebase. It's way worse when people want fast code over maintainable code. because as the project grows it will become a pain in the ass.
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    Oh and take the fact that someone with more experience comes to the same conclusion/solution in the end as a compliment.
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    Sounds like a case of inflated ego to me
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