Boss: I have really bad new
Me: What?
Boss: ....
Boss ... we have to clean your room tomorrow and remove all the Stallman posters, because marketing wants to film shit. But dont worry, we put them right up again when they are done

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    WTF? Since when Stallman is undesired?
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    @irene at a microsoft sales talk?
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    I can just imagine the standoff that took place next.

    @Linux huddled in a corner of the locked systems office, ssh'd into marketing's "IMPORTANT DO NOT POWER OFF FOR ANY REASON" server as root with a finger hovering over the return key.

    Patiently waiting for the slightest twitch of a finger is a "poweroff -f" command, It's been a stalemate until now but the marketing team are banging on the door with scissors and touch up paint in hand.

    They finally kick the door hard enough and it opens, @Linux jumps to his feet and barks "BACK UP, OR ILL DO IT", before realizing he'll have to explain to the marketing team what "poweroff -f" will do.
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    @DLMousey The team instinctively realizes from his haggard beard and tired eyes that he’ll do it, he means it, and god damnit they can’t stop him.


    Their faces fall as the determined look of an open source supporter stares back at them. They know in their hearts that he won’t take no for an answer. The collection of child eaten stress balls and crusty coffee mugs strewn about inspire a sense of awe in the Marketing dept.

    The bravest among them steps forward hesitantly and freezes at the gleam of a Stallmans rotund majesty adorning the walls. There can be no victory against such a power.

    “I just remembered I was about to do lunch...”
    “Yeah didn’t we have a meeting at one?”
    “I’m pretty sure stock footage of models typing on computers in an open office will work better anyways...”
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    @Diactoros @DLMousey Awesome!

    @dfox, can the rant of the day also be a comment?
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    @Diactoros @DLMousey @Linux This is by far the best thing I've read all day. thank you for this! 😂
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    That's a good boss.
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    I'd put Steve Jobs on my wall. Thanks for the idea.
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    @nikolatesla don't! 🔪
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    @Diactoros @DLMousey


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    @irene Marketing and Stallman don't go together.
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    *Linux hisses angrily in response and chases the marketing team out of the building*
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    Linux shaves his beard for the movie and glues the beard back on again the next day?
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    @heyheni the exact same beard he shaved off the day before 😁
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    @Diactoros @DLMousey the next day he builds a deadman switch for the command in said server and puts it beneath a poster. Should it ever be removed the command will execute and all hell breaks loose
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