*gets countless amounts of shit with Windows because of my "nonstandard use"*
WanBLowS fanbois: "Cheap hardware!! Hardware error!! Unstable drivers!!! Can't be anything else, this OS is rock solid."

I really wish that I had your ignorance. I know when I see a shitty OS in front of me. And mind you, it actually ran Linux a while back.. just that I couldn't use my Nvidia GPU in it and had to compile a kernel with all of that crap excluded to make it work decently.. fuck Nvidia. And you know what, it actually did run fucking rock solid!!! But over time I lost the config and X.org doesn't like my dualhead setup all that much, especially the ultrawide display.

So, how about we address this issue for what it is already. THE OS FUCKING SUCKS!!!

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    Works on my computer :^)
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    I like windows, I hate w10 with a passion.
    A few more months of its bullshit and I’ll be jumping to something unix based.
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    @irene I don’t believe you 🤭
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    I think some people would call me a windows fanboy, but I'm a critical one.

    Yes it's a good OS and just like any other product it has its flaws. Its just a matter of if the gains are more important than the flaws.
    When doing regular office stuff, windows has less flaws than gains.
    When gaming, windows is (for now) the go to place.
    When developing, it really depends on what you develop, python or lua? Way easier on Linux, C# easier on windows. Web? It really doesn't matter, although windows has better browser support.

    Crashes and not working devices? In my experience a lot less likely to happen on windows. Using Windows full time for 6 years and 2 crashes, no memory loss. Using Linux for three months 4 crashes and 2 times it caused memory loss (even OS removal).

    Just pick the best tool for you.
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    @C0D4 I quite liked Windows 7 and XP as well.. unfortunately this machine doesn't want to run Windows 7 (not sure why, Acer "feature" I guess) and it's about to reach EOL.. so there's that. If only Windows 10 could be more like 7. That said however, conhost's keybindings IMO sucks on all of them.. as a heavy shell user, that's so infuriating.
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    @Condor yea, 7 year old laptop on its death bed crying for me to replace it, I’m currently waiting for the HDD to fail, I hear it ticking every now and again.😅

    I’ve been around windows since 3.11, ah the floppy installations...
    so I’ve seen it’s ups and downs and even enjoyed 98, ME and NT compared to W10, at least when you got them stable they stayed that way rather then:

    “oh shit I forgot to mention I installed all this useless crap and now I want to play a little game of Russian roulette with your hardware”

    Nothing like USB ports, dvd drive and Bluetooth just being useless for no good reason with drivers installed and apparently working - despite nothing working.

    I’ve had to reinstall W10 more times in the last few years then any other Windows version which is completely dreadful - you would think after decades of doing 1 thing, MS would have gotten good at it.
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    Windows 10 just had the newest update pulled back because it deleted random files and programs, and as it turns out Microsoft even knew of the problem for months thanks to the insider program.

    It's like with Apple now. They know almost everybody will still buy their piles of shit, so Apple just doubles their phone prices every other year and Microsoft gives their QA team vacation apparently. And the sad thing is that this works.
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    @irene I encountered problems, though, being able to fix them either the easy or the hard way is kinda equal to having no problems, just temporary obstacles.
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    Similar boat here, W10 home and Work.

    Work I find generally good and stable, although updates are controlled rather then at MS’s dictation so that’s a plus and I’ve only had a handful of blue screens but they were mostly my fault, as for home I’ve had nothing but issues, most usually fixable which is fine... for a power user.

    My overall experience is, if i see the updates happening during boot I expect something not to work when or if it finishes.

    I’ve had a couple just fail and freeze up completely which on power off/on caused boot issues.
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    @irene there are enough IDEs indeed but installing python, manually adding it to your path etc. Its just an hassle.
    For web dev: docker
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    @irene for how long do you usually keep your PC powered on? Here I often just turn off the screen, and leave it on until it crashes again.. usually after a few days to a week.
    Same with my Linux systems by the way, except that those usually only reboot when I want to upgrade the kernel.
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    @irene that's the thing then.. business laptops are probably much more stable because.. well, they're business-grade, right. And on consumer electronics, perhaps a reboot a day is all that Windows is really designed for. One thing that strikes me though, is that on those same consumer electronics, Linux stays up and running for months on end, only interrupted by my own decisions to reboot the machine every now and then.
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    @lukegv I knew I forgot one of the excuses.
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    mscservice - startup - don't load bullshit

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    @xewl that's a default setting that I check when it takes more than 10 seconds to boot 🙃 also I'm a purist - no more software than what's absolutely necessary. If only the same could be said about my user data however... 1.5TB and counting 😅
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    I see you complaining more about Linux than about windows.

    Seems you are justifying linux as much as a winblows fanboy just because you know where it fell short.

    Seems windows works better than Linux for you.

    Also, the reason for your Linux to fail is drivers and shitty hardware.

    I think you just lost
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    Soo, let me recap: Linux ran like shit on your computer and didn't even get display right, but it's great. Windows runs like shit on your computer, so it sucks. Yeah, totally makes sense.
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    Give examples and will ruthelessly point out how it's a level 8 error
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    @mundo03 @Fast-Nop on that machine. On about 20 others it works like a charm, more often than not accumulating months of uptime. Mind you, the only reason why I had issues with Linux on that machine is Nvidia's crappy support, especially when it involves Bumblebee for the Intel+Nvidia hybrids (which unfortunately that Acer turd is). But to soothe your mind, I may just be a Linux fanboi because the ecosystem fucking works for me. I like dicking around with my computer and configuring it to suit me just right. And sadly only Linux and BSD offer that. Not only that but POSIX support is something that I greatly value. In which case I can say that Windows truly is the IE of operating systems. What's not to like, right?!
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    @seraphimsystems just look for WanBLowS in the devRant search field and you'll find most of the issues that I've had with it over time. I'm not going to type it all over. Feel free to just comment away on those rants.
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    Yeah but when Linux breaks I can fix it
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