Let's see here, we have:
🤡 Creepy Cackle Guy: watches videos all day and cackles like a hyena, plus constantly farts, and complains a lot. He gets everyone gassed up, no pun intended.

😤Bitchy PM: argues with you about every little thing, lies to pad her metrics while screwing the dev's metrics over. Also lies about what clients say to force launch or what she feels client should do. Rude to clients & co-workers. Runs and tattles to higher ups when people call her out on her shit. Nobody can stand her, she get's the entire office upset.

🙉Darth Vader: I don't think this one needs explaining. He breathes SO freaking loud you can hear it across the room. He also won't talk to anybody. Ever.

🤐The Non-Stop Flapper: nice person, but chats you non stop about their mundane life events, even when your status is set to busy or they know you're swamped. Asks irrelevant questions all day, every day. Heart of gold but needs to reel in the chatting.

🤬 Mr.Rage: whines about EVERYTHING. I mean everything. Has also thrown his food on me once over a joke about pizza. Wants to move up to programming but cant program.
So between them all, I scream on the inside daily. 🙊😫😢

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    I have Darth Vader as my PM on the phone (her phone is sensitive and i can hear her munching a chewing gum or sighing) and Mr Flapper at work (gosh, what an annoying guy!!!).

    Are you in the same company? o_o
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    @Phlisg haha, well my Darth is a dude but my sympathies! We all have our issues, I suppose. Just sucks when someone is bad enough to send you over the edge, especially when you can't zone out and code due to them.
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    This is one of my fav rants ever
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    @AleCx04 Aww! Haha 😂😁😉 Glad I can give other's a chuckle!
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    Does the cackling guy farts like hyena too? I misread that and now when i am thinking, its horrifying💭💭
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    @CodingPrincess did you also name him Darth Vader because of his breath? XD since he doesn't talk too much, at least you are on the safer side :D
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    hahahaha in my previous office we had the combo of that non-stop flapper and creepy cackle guy.

    Can you be remote couple of days a week? It really helps and you even start missing the freakshow at some point :)
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    I was once in a classroom (not my classroom) coding and there came in the Creepy cacke guy, he sat in the middle of class with 6+ people inside and farted hard not once but fucking 3 times.
    I could hear his fart 3 days after and couldn't stop feeling disgusted.
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    Sorry i was cackle. Learning to restrict myself now. But time to time it slip out
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    @BlackSparrow thankfully, no lol
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    @wateringdisease I wish! You have to meet dumb metrics to work from home (on Tuesdays), based on stuff out of our control 🙄
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    @desirous Oh my gosh lol. I had a weirdo in my college classes who would fart during tests. 😖🙊
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    @goamk laughing is good & all, but every day for hours on end watching crap you shouldn't be and laughing non stop, well.... not so much
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    Well i not actually laugh out loud. But chuckle time to time
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