Me: I wanna talk to my friends!
Non-dev friends: hey! We're on facebook!/instagram
Dev-friends: Maybe slack? Telegram?
Others: Whatsapp! Skype!

Result: lots of social media apps and considering new friendships

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    Me: wanna talk with my friends.
    Friends: ok, there's a new nice pub opened recently...
    Me: meet you there this evening.
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    @arazzz you've always lived in the same place forever? good for you!
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    How can there be dev, !dev and others?
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    @host127001 much like today's general qualifications: undefined :)
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    @host127001 Other != Friends
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    @xewl but she wants to talk to her friends, !friends do not matter for this rant
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    @host127001 I'm just basing on the text in the rant though. If the message behind it doesn't match the actual meaning of the text, that happens... :D
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    I think non-dev friends are missing SnapChat on their list, or should it be for the others! Hmmm!
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    Try rambox
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    Oh, to go back 15 years to when AIM was in its heyday...
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    ICQ is dead?
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    Very recognizable!

    Friends: come on man get your ass on social media and chatting services!
    Me: i don't like social media but i am using a chat thing...?
    Friends: yeah but you need to use WhatsApppppp
    Me: I'm perfectly fine using signal!
    Friends: then at least join telegram 😥
    Me: nope, you can text me if you really need me :)
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    Everyone I know just uses SMS and Discord.
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    @-BSD How's that? (I'm in about 5 group chats I think...)
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