Finally bought a macbook for my android app development. Paid 1600 EUR for 2015 MID mbpro with 512GB SSD, 16gb ram, 2.5ghz quad core i7 cpu and dedicated gpu. I know I overpaid but I couldnt fkin stand working on windows anymore. I spent one year with fcking windows building android apps. Making apps on windows is fking impossible. And dont even get me started on new crap macbooks starting from 2016 :/

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    I should probably mention that Linux exists and is just as good as OSX. Even if you'd rather have OSX then you could have easily gotten a well equipped Dell XPS and made a Hackintosh as I hear they work well enough on that.

    Apart from that, nice machine.
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    Android development on windows is shite indeed. (Although it isn't much better on Linux).

    The easiest mobile OS to make native apps for is windows 10 mobile for sure. One single download and everything is ready for development.

    For android dev you need to download 10 things from different locations and install it, hope your device is recognised etc.
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    @BadFox hackintosh isn't that great. A different batch of a graphics card can be a cause of a hackintosh system running or not.
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    ...i paid 1200 for my car
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    @ganjaman Well its relative, depending on where u live. Here for 1200 u can get only shit car
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    @zemaitis its a polo 6n2, but 1.6k for a 3 year old laptop is just... ridiculous
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    @ganjaman I wouldn't pay $1.6k for a brand new laptop...
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    @Codex404 idk about you , but I just had to install the android-studio aur package and was ready to go, after the mandatory library downloads ofc.
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    @Awlex indeed, jdk, jre, adb, sdks
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    @Stuxnet indeed, mine costs $3.5k
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    @Codex404 just jdk, rest is included in Android Studio
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    @Codex404 and if you know what you need, you can install it all with a single command
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    @git-fuckyou I just checked. And I remember now that when I tried to do it the installer was corrupt. So I had to install everything manually.
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    > Buys a MacBook
    > For Android development

    You fucking what, mate?
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    @RiderExMachina try develop native android on windows/linux and then come back to me mate.

    on a serious note: this was done having in mind that I will be learning iOS native as well as react.
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    @BadFox Have you even tried building android apps on linux or have you tried setting up that hackintosh? It's a fcking pain in terms of how much of time you will put in that and you will not have a stable OS. Yes I've heard same things like you said, but reality is different. And it's sad to see other devranters upvoting your misleading post based on hearsay.
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    @zemaitis Yes and yes, if you couldn't get a stable OS at all then nobody would do it. It's sad to see devRanters pay for massively overpriced hardware that will probably thermal throttle to hell.
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    Holy motherfucking shit @_@
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