I was conducting interviews today. There was a candidate who impressed me a lot and i was about to hire him but one question turned the interview into a hilarious situation.
Me: what are delegate events?
Candidate: events that are fired even if you click on the side of the button

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    Ok. What...???
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    I would be more concerned about how he got this idea instead of giving the wrong answer. I'm sure he did not read it over the internet, or did he?
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    @gitpush he didn’t. He confused delegate with delicate. Still it is wrong but hilarious 😂
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    @baig772 oh yup hilarious XD

    What was his reaction when he saw you laughing? Or you were able to hold your self?
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    @gitpush he knew he messed up. I hired him though. I hope he proves himself
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    @baig772 well good luck for both of you :)
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