Exercise devs, exercise, exercise and then exercise a little bit more

I've been coding for a long time and tbh programming is a very fiscally stale labour/hobby and even if your mind is rushing looking for answers, jumping from one place to another you are not moving that much, yes adjustable desks for programming while standing up are good and having breaks also helps but nothing like running, jumping, climbing or any sport.

During my lifetime I've seen the long and short term negative effects of sedentary jobs, back problems, liver problems, hormonal imbalance, overweight, depression, and anxiety.

I've been fiscally active for a long while but when I stopped, the first symptoms I had were weight gain, anxiety and depression, one night I even broke a tooth from stress teeth grinding.

Ive seen that people here might be having this issues and think it's normal, but try it out, start with a walk or jog sprinkled on your weekend.

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    Doggo gone :(
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    I've definitely got porkier since working from home. Good to see your post. I might hit the gym tonight.
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    i thought it was one of those posts that are recommending you to go for a beer, a triple bacon cheese fried burger and a joint on the last line 😂
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    @electrineer it look sad lol wanted to sheet it up a bit with a tech cat, doggo will return on one of my next rants I guess
    @Franboo second on the sleeping issues, I'm trying out the twilight app (removes blue light) and these past 3 nights I've slept pretty well I guess I'll see if it keeps improving
    @joycestick it's not only about looks you'll see your mood improve and sometimes I find it helps me relax my mind and solve things easier
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    Agreed. Which is why I kill myself at the gym at least 4 times a week.

    It also keeps me sexy. Being all sexy as hell is good mmmmmmkay?
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    @JKyll love your rant but just for reference

    Fiscally active = moving money around, spending, buying, investing, earning

    Physically active = exercising, working out
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    Fiscally active, hmm.. creative accounting? 😏
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    @jeeper lol sorry, I always rant on my phone and it autocorrects incorrectly very often, I tend to do like 5 edits and it's extremely annoying to do on the phone.

    @Condor kek I wish it were so
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    Thanks for the motivational text.

    I can totally relate to this.
    I have been active in gyms, freeletics, jogging and swimming about 2 years ago. I was able to push my own weigth and lil more.
    I was 60kg back then, but I pushed 70kg.
    It took me 2 to 3 years to get there. I started with 20-30kg as a beginner.
    I am 88kg rn which is "normal" for a regular person who does not do sport a lot in my age, but it definitely is not normal.

    "What happened in these years" you might ask.
    I attended an IT college. Got more and more lazy with every day.
    I have lost a feel for time.
    Sitting on the PC doing my homework all day long. A lot of stress leading me to eat sweets, snacks and fast foot.
    I got the habit to watch a lot of videos to make my monotone life a little bit more enjoyable. I went through a lot of depression.
    I get more and more heart problems with every day week passing by. That is a serious issue to be taken care of.

    I do not want to blame the IT college for it. It is the obsession for something that changes you when you can not handle it anymore.
    If you can not control obsession, it will control you.
    Same thing can be applied to time.

    How am I doing rn?
    I am slowly finding my way back to sports. It is going to be hard to get used to all the physical challenges.
    But I am going to get into my old sporty body shape very fast again since I have the same trained muscles as before. They are just sleeping and need to be waken up.

    If anybody here has questions about this topic, hit me up. I have been through both sides.
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    My goal is to go to a very long local forest with small mountains in it and do some shit there this year and to get a license to fly with a paramotor at sunsets next year.
    Visit Iceland. And [...]
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    @-ANGRY-CLIENT- that's great! I wouldn't blame college for it either but I wouldn't say it makes it easier, I have seen a lot of future engineers to through it.

    We even call it "engineer body/body type"
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