I see all these tools for the past few years claiming...

"build an app without writing code"

Great, if you want to build a prototype and then try to find a technical co-founder who can actually build something.

Otherwise, none of us need another shitty cookie-cutter app.

There is a 0% chance you can build anything that will scale without writing some code. Your best case scenario is you sell it to some sucker who doesn't understand that what they are buying is garbage.

I give those folks 3 options...

1. Find a technical co-founder
2. Learn to build software
3. Fuck off

Thinking you can build a software company without building actual quality software if fucking moronic.

Of course, that won't stop the thousands of business grads each year from trying and saying...

"I have such a great idea, I just need someone to build it"

Let's get things straight. You have nothing. NOTHING! You idea is worthless without execution.

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    "No-code" is just an hasty, stupid excuse to not pay proper money to proper developers but throw out money for mediocre to shitty software.
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    so you mean like WordPress
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    People like to see "Magic" solution with computers. Seriously, people should know that knowledge and skills is still important. The more you know, the more power you have. I know that people are lazy, but nobody should be THAT lazy...
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    Those guys making mad bank though..the ones making the no code software.. . 5 million dollar launch day on one of them that I know of, cost them 20k to launch the app.

    I want to join them.. I can make software that shits out software

    Who's with me
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