I just got a text from T-Mobile telling me about their updated privacy policy and that I can “opt out.” So, naturally I do exactly this.

After a little bit, I land on their “Do not sell my data” page and discover that, not only does it have 175+ trackers,
it doesn’t even fucking work. Also, on the desktop version of the site, the very control allowing the user to opt out of having their data shared/sold doesn’t even render.

These are all absolutely inexcusable.

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    Another inexcusable flaw I found:

    When I was logging in, I noticed that the password field disallowed typing spaces, meaning I was unable to login without changing my password. Also, when creating said new password, I was still able to type them!

    JFC! Get your shit together!
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    You're on the opt-out list now. They are gonna screw wity you till you bleed. No more fancy passwords - yours is gonna get stored clear text and shared with the universe.
    Offence is your strongest defence. What you gonna do?

    To be on the safe side, I usualy change my password to "FuckYouInYourAssForReadingThis" type and never log in again.
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    there must be a gov office where you can report such things
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    It might not have rendered if you were blocking the trackers. That happens to me often. I don't trust any website that relies so much on cookies and trackers that it breaks when I block em
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    @coffeeholic doing that makes you enlist yet another list. This one you cannot opt-out of. If you try, you get to visit Guantanamo. 🤪
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    @Root The Dutch branch of T-Mobile was just found to have been illegally selling all of their customer's data to a government branch (The Central Bureau for Statistics) -- including precise location and contact data.
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    WTF?! That’s practically customer deception, how can this be allowed?!
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    @OmerFlame They probably don’t care.
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    @Root makes sense sadly
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    Sue them for GDPR violations and cash in on the fun!
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    @JFK422 Sadly, that is nearly impossible for individuals.
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    @JFK422 I also don’t live in Europe. We have CCPA here in the states, but that’s only for Cali. And doesn’t have much by way of teeth.
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    @Root You could still bomb their.... no you can't make jokes about that in 2021. Assassinate their.... wait no.


    Threaten to switch to similarly evil competitor?

    Bad-mouth them on Twitter?

    Hmm. The options a consumer has to pressure companies into more ethical behavior make me feel like pouring an extra large glass of cognac.
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    @bittersweet It’s interesting how too much civility quickly leads to an uncivilized dystopia.
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    Not to defend trackers but you're probably detecting all the opt-out requests sent to every company they've ever shared data with. They can't just drop you from their database because a lot of analytics and advertising companies keep their own servers.
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    @ThisIsOra Perhaps. Here’s the do not sell page if you’re curious: https://t-mobile.com/dns

    Also: the page is still reporting that it’s having issues.
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    Update: it’s been “having trouble” for an entire week now.
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    Where can you opt out?
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    @TopsyKretts While the page is “having trouble,” it hides the opt out slider. It’s still “having trouble.”
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    Opt out slider is hidden...so I guess you’re trapped
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    Twenty days later it’s still “having trouble.” It’s almost like it’s intentional.
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    Jeez... either people’s don’t care about their job or they’re intentional. Now it seems to be the latter.
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