Wow WTF!

So for a new client, they have their domain on a registrar that has the most ugliest and confusing UI ever.

So I decided to transfer the domain to somewhere better.

Guess what, it takes 5 days for them to release the domain. The site would be down and I won't be able to proceed with my work until transfer is complete.

In hopes to speed up the process, I tried to create a ticket. There is no ticket system and their only available contact email listed is sales@shittiestdomainregistarever.com

I mailed them yesterday evening hoping for a reply.

Few hrs ago, I received a bunch of automated email on some ticket I never created.

The biggest WTF is that the To: on that email is some other customer's gmail address and I am CC'd along with a bunch of other customers gmail and hotmail addresses.

Seriously, WTF is this?! I'm glad I took the decision to move from them

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    What a clusterfuck
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    Does this classify as a data leak? Can you leak all their customers' emails like that?
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    @netikras Well, is it really leaking data if it's for all to see in the first place?

    It would almost be like "leaking" your devRant handle.

    Also, I would like a name (if possible) to avoid said service.
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    @Jilano Yes it does. BCC would be the proper way of informing everyone about updates on any ticket. CC simply alerts me that you, a friend of mine or an enemy of mine is using this provider's services.

    I do not see anywhere mentioned that OP agreed with service provider sharing his email with other customers.
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    @netikras it definitely is. I'm not supposed to receive them in the first place.

    @Jilano It's a service called bugrock.
    I have never found them trustworthy ever. I think they must be a reseller at the best, I couldn't even find a way to edit DNS records, looked up online and couldn't any proper info. That made me want to move out.
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    5 days? What a bunch of shitcunts. Warning: long post ahead.

    We had (at work a couple of years ago) a lengthy pain getting our main domain transferred too. We needed full control of DNS as we were undertaking a major change of our website, CRM, membership portal and other tech.

    Everything was running fine, bills were being paid etc. But the Whois was still in the personal name of one of the founders, no longer with the organisation for years, had moved countries and email addresses. Existing (fully managed and specialist) host ran the domain on their nameserver, but that was managed by them on their reseller account so while they could make changes manually on request they couldn't give us a control panel. Part of the point was to move away from them anyway as we were dropping the product they specialise in.

    Couldn't switch nameservers right away because we weren't the actual registrant. Registrar (different company again) couldn't contact said founder on email address on record. Previous lead dev (a personal friend of mine) didn't have much to do with this stuff as had only worked on old platform. COO got Nominet involved.

    Fortunately everyone was cooperative- no bad faith- and we got it transferred to our own account, which is still with a different registrar to the other domains we own (that aren't even used any more).

    And then GDPR came along, so I had to go round contacting previous hosting providers to get CYA confirmation that all our stuff had been deleted. Providers that nobody other than me even knew about, as I'm a techie and one of the longer serving staff.

    I like to think my organisation is pretty lucky to have someone (me) who knows about stuff like DNS as well as being a dev. We've also got working SPF/DKIM/DMARC (covering multiple services), CAA and AAAA records (IPv6 ready) set up.

    Not naming names, as anyone on here who knows me personally will already easily know this is me.
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    @HoloDreamer is it bigrock or bugrock?
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    @AnonymousDev you know it. I now despise them to even spell their name correctly.
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    @HoloDreamer I've couple of domains parked there. 😞
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    @AnonymousDev do you have DNS management option for your domains? I couldn't find for some reason, their support articles were of no use. Some YouTube videos i run into showed using connecting domain to nameservers of other services to get dns management.

    It seems either they discontinued it or limited it to people who purchase hosting with them.

    What put off me was the lack for proper support channel, I couldn't find live chat or email id dedicated for that and hence I decided it would be best to move from them.
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    @HoloDreamer after logging in you'll see "List of Orders" page. This shows a list of domains you own. Go to a particular domain admin area by clicking on the domain in the list. In the domain admin area, scroll to the end of the page you'll see "DNS Management" section. Under that section click on "Manage DNS" link. A pop-up window will open in which you can charge your DNS records.

    Nameservers can also be modified. You'll see "Name Server Details" link under "DNS Management" section in domain admin area page.
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    @AnonymousDev yeah, i had seen that from screenshots in the support articles. For some reason, that option is not visible for me.

    The UI was horrible and not seeing live chat support option, I figured it would be best to leave them.
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    @HoloDreamer I'm not sure why DNS management options are not visible for you. It never happened for me or any clients I've worked with, whose domains are there.

    Yeah, then it's better for you to transfer it to some other registrar. By the way if you would not mind can you share to which registrar you are switching to?
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    @AnonymousDev namecheap. Free whois guard is what attracted me to them. The support has been near instant and good.
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    As long as the domain is your and you don't have open payments, they're legally not even allowed to pull this shit.

    What tld is the domain?
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    @HoloDreamer And yes, namecheap is awesome!
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    @linuxxx it's a .com. I haven't bothered to get them do it fast apart from that one email I send to them.
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    @HoloDreamer in namecheap renewal is $12.58 where as in bigrock it's $9.48 (₹699) for a .com domain.
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    @AnonymousDev do they provide free whois guard?

    Price is not the only factor. I'm not impressed with bigrock.
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    @HoloDreamer yeah. I noticed that.
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